WUMB’s Odyssey features music from just about everywhere, from Albania to Zimbabwe, on a weekly journey that moves slowly across the map to carefully illuminate the connections between neighbors, and also the greater musical community of the world. To listen to recent programs, go to our Weekend Archives page, scroll down to Odyssey and click on a show

Sept. 10- We haven’t visited central East Africa in some time, so this week we land in Kenya and Tanzania, with a side trip into Uganda. The Benga style so well known all over the world originated in Kenya, where Luo musicians from the northwest, playing traditional instruments like the nyatiti, were the forebears. In Kenya, Congolese influences have been powerfully reinvented in the hands of guitarists like Musa Juma and Tanzania’s Remy Ongala, leading to a myriad of new dance styles. We’ll delve into some of the new recordings just in from all over the world to wrap up.