Corporation For Public Broadcasting

WUMB Radio's Commitment to Diversity

Diversity not only reflects the community of our listener base, but also a dynamic workspace that fosters creativity and excellence. WUMB strives to not only provide programming that reflects our vastly diverse listener base, from urban to rural and multi-continental, but also the diversity of the staff we employ. Our announcers are encouraged to engage listeners with their own thoughts and stories on the air, and to share information about themselves via their bio pages on our website.

WUMB Radio also employs students from both urban and rural communities in the urban Boston area as well as from states around the country in our year-long work/study program. We have also furthered our commitment to the diversity we find in our community from religion to politics, and to music other than folk/Americana by instituting a student-run, student-programmed online radio station. The channel content can be anything the student chooses, so long as it fits FCC requirements.


General Manager:
Patty Domeniconi
Program & Music Director:
Jay Moberg
Membership Services Coordinator:
Anita Lee

Board of Trustees for UMass Boston

  • Robert J Manning, Chair, Swampscott, MA, Exp. 2021
  • R. Norman Peters, J.D., Vice Chair, Paxton, MA, Exp. 2019
  • Jacob S. Binall, UMass Amherst Graduate Student, Framingham, MA, Exp. 2020
  • Mary L. Burns, Lowell, MA, Exp. 2021
  • Ryan Callahan, UMass Lowell Student, Chelmsford, MA, Exp. 2020 (Voting Student)
  • Peter Cruz-Gordillo, UMass Medical School Student, Worcester, Exp. 2020 (Voting Student)
  • Robert Epstein, Boston, MA, Exp. 2020
  • Maria D. Furman, Wellesley, MA, Exp. 2019
  • Stephen R. Karam, Fall River, MA, Exp. 2022
  • Richard M. Kelleher, Duxbury, MA, Exp. 2023
  • Amanda Kuffoh, UMass Dartmouth Student, Tewksbury, MA, Exp. 2020
  • Michael V. O’Brien, Southborough, MA, Exp. 2021
  • Noreen Okwara, M.D., Lowell, MA, Exp. 2023
  • Kerri Osterhaus-Houle, M.D., Hudson, MA, Exp. 2018
  • Imari K. Paris Jeffries, Boston, MA, Exp. 2021
  • Kush Patel, UMass Boston Student, Marlborough, MA, Exp. 2020
  • James A. Peyser, Milton, MA, ex-officio
  • Elizabeth D. Scheibel, J.D., South Hadley, MA, Exp. 2021
  • Henry M. Thomas III, J.D., Springfield, MA, Exp. 2017
  • Steven A. Tolman, Boston, MA, Exp. 2022
  • Victor Woolridge, Springfield, MA, Exp. 2019
  • Charles F. Wu, M.B.A., Newton, MA, Exp. 2021
  • Zunilka M. Barrett (Secretary to the Board of Trustees

* Except for the Student Trustees, all appointments are made by the Governor.

WUMB Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board is made up of members who represent the diversity of our listeners and local community, with the charge of assisting and advising the radio station’s General Manager with fundraising, outreach and community service. The Council members represent a geographic diversity reflecting the station’s listening areas.


  • Tom Callahan
  • Carol Darcy
  • Ellen Groves
  • David Levine
  • Margaret Peterson-Pinkham
  • Nancy Stanganellli
  • Judy Wong

Open Meetings:

All meetings are open to the public. Most meetings are held at the UMass Boston Campus in the Healey Library, lower level, unless otherwise noted.  Board meetings are held quarterly.

The next 2021 Open Meeting of WUMB Community Advisory Board is April 7 at 4:30pm. Due to COVID-19 this meeting will be held on a conference line. For more information, call 617-287-6900. Other upcoming meetings include June 9th, September 8th and December 1st.

All meetings are held on the UMass Boston Campus in the Healy Library, lower level.

You can reach the WUMB Community Advisory Board at [email protected].


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