I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who took the time to donate to our Spring Fundraiser which closed out successfully and even a bit early. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate your support. Your generosity is going to keep great music on the air which is needed now more than ever. All of us at the station understand the need to stay informed, but we all very much agree that WUMB is an escape from the world as well.

Here’s a brief update from the world of Programming:

Many have asked about Scott Alarik’s Folk Tales. For now we are continuing to air the show, but we will eventually be moving everything over to an accessible Archive that will be free and open to all. What many have asked is, “Will the segments be available, or can I hear an entire show?”  The plan is to try and have both as options.

Safety protocol on Campus has been updated, and we’ll be able to have live music in our studio once again! We’re really looking forward to this and it’s something we know you value as supporters.

Live music has returned so keep listening to WUMB for opportunities to win tickets! We have frequent Ticket Giveaways in our Weekly Online Giveaway which are only available to Members. We’ll also be incorporating ways to win tickets just by listening to the station.

We also have brand new episodes of your favorite shows in April including Highway 61 Revisited, Breakfast with the Beatles, Celtic Twilight, Guest Mix and much more.

Thanks again for your continued support of WUMB!

~ Jay Moberg
WUMB Music & Program Director