Dixie Bee Line March 2023 Grand Ole Opry Shows

Join Host Jon Gersh each Saturday night starting at 9pm for The Dixie Bee Line. This month it’s a March tribute to The Grand Ole Opry!

“These shows are stunning time capsules. I could not be more excited to share with you two entire Grand Ole Opry shows from 1952 on the Dixie Bee Line this month. These recordings were part of the collection of the late Phil Wells, secretary of the Hank Williams Fan Club. Many thanks to his daughter Sharon for helping to share these with the radio listening audience. So where to begin? These particular recordings (as opposed to the Armed Forces Radio Network Opry recordings) contain all the commercials and banter that were part of “live” radio. The recording
quality is excellent, and the lineup, well, it’s superlative. Read on! My knowledgeable pal, Steve-from-Cape-Cod suspects these are doctored up shows, and that several of these stars would not appear on the same bill together. I think they’re authentic, I’ve listened closely for audio cues and have found no evidence of discontinuity that would make me think they’re faked in any way. In any event, they’re terrific.

The basic anatomy of an Opry show was a 30 minute segment with a Host, a Guest Star, and a sponsor. Both of these shows were sponsored by Martha White, a very regular sponsor of country and bluegrass music.

DIXIE BEE LINE SAT. MARCH 4, 2023 at about 10pm:
The first show was sponsored by “Fortune Feed”, Martha White’s Chicken Feed division. The
host was Carl Smith (the first husband of June Carter, prior to Johnny Cash), and the Guest Star
was Hank Williams, Sr. Check out this show!
The Emcee was Grant Turner.
1. Carl Smith sings “It’s a Lovely, Lovely World”
2. Hank Williams sings “Long Gone Lonesome Blues”
3. June Carter sings a chicken feed commercial
4. Anita Carter sings “Anything That’s a Part of You”
5. Ray Price sings “Let Me Come in and Talk To Your Heart”
6. Carl Smith does a short commercial
7. The Cedar Hill Square Dancers dance to the music of the Possum Hunters.
8. Tommy Sosebee, I was unfamiliar with him, but good old Steve – from – the – Cape knew
him. . He’s a very good singer, though, and he sings
“Many Miles”
9. The Jordanaires sing “Working on a Building” (NOT the bluegrass version!)
10. Carl Smith sings “Are You Teasing Me”
11. Grant Turner does a longer chicken feed commercial.
12. Hank Williams sings “Window Shopping” for the FIRST TIME ever on the air.
13. Outro and commercial.