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Dear Campers,

For the last 20 years WUMB has sponsored the Summer Acoustic Music Week, a week-long music camp featuring instruction from some of the finest performing musicians working today. Twice each summer, 100 campers come together on the banks of Lake Winnipesaukee to learn, share, and celebrate our love for this music.

SAMW instructors are selected not only for their excellence as players, singers, songwriters and performers, but also for their teaching skills. All of these influences, combined with those that campers bring from their own musical backgrounds result in a wonderfully diverse body of work within the SAMW community. The songs that you will hear on this Internet channel are the campers’ own recordings. Every performer has attended at least one SAMW or Winter Acoustic Music Weekend, WAMW.

SAMW offers campers the time, the experience and the advice of some of the best folk and acoustic players and songwriters around, both campers and instructors. If you want information about attending a SAMW week or the Winter Weekend, visit the SAMW Web site, wumb.org/samw/home, or contact us at samw@umb.edu.

Thanks for listening!

If you would like to submit songs to the SAMW Channel, please follow these guidlines:

Submit CDs by postal mail or audio files by email.
WAV is the best format for audio files, but mp3s will also be accepted.
Include this information for each song: title, performer, composer, other musicians, publisher (if any).
Mail CDs to 100 Morrissey Boulevard, Dorchester, MA 02125 ATTN: SAMW CHANNEL
Email audio files to samw@umb.edu

We are accepting original songs, traditional songs and covers for the new Channel. There is a maximum length of 5 minutes per recording, and please remember that general rules of community standards apply to lyrics.

Anyone who has attended a SAMW week or weekend is eligible to submit to the channel. But in order to accommodate all of our alumni, EVERYONE performing on your recording must have attended either SAMW or WAMW.

Patty Domeniconi

General Manager-WUMB Radio

Camp Director-SAMW/WAMW