This may come as a shock to some of you…but it shouldn’t. I am happy during the winter for any thoughts of summer.

And now that the Winter Acoustic Music Weekend (WAMW) has passed, that means onwards to summer!! First thing I should say is that I am so happy we had the Winter Weekend in person again. And if you went, I hope you had a very enjoyable time. It’s always great to reunite with friends over music.

Now it’s on to the SUMMER Acoustic Music Week. SAMW Weeks 1 and 2 are already in process and waiting for you. On our website,, most pages have the image of a big acoustic guitar on the right. It has the secret code words “Acoustic Music Camps” on the top of the guitar neck. OK, not so secret. And not so coded. What I’m saying is, it’s so easy even I can figure it out. Click on the guitar, and you are on your way to finding out all you need to know about this year’s Summer music camps with WUMB. Take a gander at the list of instructors and you will see some familiar names and some new names as well. Maybe it’s because I first looked at the list while envisioning a bottle of Aleve for my back after shoveling snow for two hours, but I got this sense of enthusiasm. As if all these musicians can’t wait for summer…can’t wait to teach, play, jam and have fun with all these music fans from WUMB…and can’t wait to do it all without a single parka in sight.

Happy mid-winter, folks. Hang in there!

~ Perry