Our Love For Ringo Starr!

When I first saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show this month back in 1964, my eyes immediately were drawn to the man sitting behind the drums on the high rise behind John, Paul and George!

There was something about his enthusiasm while he played, the way he shook his mop-top head of hair, the huge smile on his face and of course the way he played those drums and cymbals.

I wanted to be a drummer from that moment on!

I immediately drummed on anything I could find. For me it was empty coffee cans with those rubber tops and two sticks, or I should say the wooden perches I removed from our parakeet cage.

I had to return those perches promptly to the cage, per my mom’s demand but only to be replaced by a drum kit for kids my age. I am happy to say I own a real Ludwig drum kit to this day.

I owe it all to Ringo Starr!

So here we are in 2022, Ringo has delayed his touring schedule since Covid came to town. But from all indications Mr. Starr is back on the road again!

We are happy to announce he will be performing with his All Starr band on June 3rd at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester!

Listen to Breakfast With The Beatles for your chance to win tickets!

Ringo has been on our show over a half dozen times over the years and once again I submitted an invitation to Ringo’s management for him to return to our show.

But will lightning strike again? Be sure to keep it on WUMB and Breakfast with The Beatles to find out!

I predict he will, but only Ringo knows for sure!

~ ChaChi Loprete
Breakfast With The Beatles
Saturdays 6:00am-8:00am