I have been reading this amazing new book by Edward Scott Pearlman called, MusicScapes of Scotland, Vignettes from Prehistory to Pandemic, published in 2021.  It is a collection of essays that Ed wrote from his time as the music columnist for Scottish Life magazine over 24 years, plus his own research, personal experiences, and interviews. It is a journey through a music and culture that is rich and varied. Topics include: History and Culture, Bands, Scottish Song, Gaelic Song, Harp & Guitar, Fiddle, Bagpipes, Accordion and Regional Music.  And Ed adds personal touches from musicians in their words, and his own impressions. He has chapters about: John Cunningham, Tony Cuffe, Dougie MacLean, Alan Reid, and more.

For more info contact:
Paddledoo Books
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I find it to be a wonderful resource book. I would recommend it to all fans of Scottish music history.

If you have no Scottish heritage, how can you appreciate this music and book?  Well, here’s an amusing anecdote that Ed wrote: “One day, after Handel, a German composer living in London, had premiered a piece written in honor of an English military victory over the Prussians, an angry Londoner approached him, saying, “How dare he, Handel, a Prussian, write music for the English King!”  Handel, a Prussian, replied, “Sir, I am English by choice. You sir, are English by accident.”

We can all be “Scots by choice” to the degree we value and learn about Scottish music and culture. Keep on listening, and support all Celtic music!

~ Gail