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Paul McCartney at Fenway Park 2022

Were you able to see Paul McCartney at Fenway Park?  I hope you did!

Upwards of 60,000 people did get to see Paul over his two concert dates at Fenway, on June 7th and 8th. Which also just happens to be 10 days before Paul’s 80th birthday on June 18th!

The shows were truly extraordinary, mind boggling, breathtaking, exciting, and unforgettable!

How is it that Paul is once again on tour, playing for almost three hours straight at his age and he didn’t seem to slow down for a second.

Maybe it was the enthusiastic feedback of the audience! From the moment we entered Fenway Park, the excitement was in the air. To the moment he was on stage, it was the ride of our lifetime!

I want to thank everyone that stopped by our Breakfast With The Beatles Pre-Paul Patio Party at The Verb Hotel’s outdoor patio, just across the street from the park! It was a pleasure to meet all of you who stopped by to say hello. Thanks to the entire staff of The Verb, for making all of us feel at home!

Hopefully Paul will return soon!

I do hope you got to see Ringo during one of his several stops in Boston and New England just days before Paul’s arrival.

The bad news for Ringo was just a couple of days after his Boston date, the tour was shut down because two of his performers, Edgar Winter and Steve Lukather contracted Covid and the tour was postponed.

We wish and Ringo and crew our well wishes for a quick recovery!

ChaChi Loprete

Breakfast With The Beatles