For music! How do artists do it? Year after year, through good times and bad, they keep releasing amazing albums. You have to think there will be a bum year at some point, but I really can’t think of any in recent memory.

I have so many favorites from last year and most of them are from female artists. That’s always a plus in my book. Here are a few albums I have on repeat!

Sierra Ferrell
Long Time Coming
On this, her debut album, she very nicely merges a modern sound with authentic old time appalachian music. Here’s a live version of Silver Dollar from the album.

Riddy Arman
Self-titled debut
Wow, a ranch hand that has a voice that’ll make you weep! She reminds me of a female Colter Wall, which makes sense because they share a labelĀ and he appears on this record.

Stand For Myself
On her first album, she evoked Laurel Canyon, 60’s/70’s folk pop. There’s still some of that on this album, but Yola turns up the funk!

Aaron Lee Tasjan
Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan
He’s just weird and fun.

Neil Francis
In Plain Sight
What year is it?? Pure 1970’s piano driven boogie woogie rock and roll. Makes me wish I’d seen Dr. John in concert.

Tim O’Brien
He Walked On
This is a great album of true and embellished stories of the American folk experience.

Allison Russell
Outside Child
A deeply personal solo debut from a member of Birds Of Chicago and Our Native Daughters.

What did you love hearing in 2021?

~ Randi