Let’s Change The World!

I had the pleasure of being an attendee on a Zoom “Presser” with the great Ringo Starr last week. This was my second Ringo Presser since our lives were re-arranged by Covid.

Although I didn’t say hello directly to Ringo, there were about 50 people in the session from all over the world, it was still a thrill to participate.  Especially on my computer screen because my square was next to Ringo’s square. Oh, how these Beatles’ times have changed since The Beatles airport press conferences.

Ringo was with us for 30 minutes to discuss his newest EP, Change The World.

The lead single on this 4 track release is a song called “Let’s Change The World” and it’s Ringo at his trademark optimistic best. I really like the song!

Ringo and Company also released a very cool video to support the release of “Let’s Change The World”. It was created in collaboration with Kids In The Spotlight, a nonprofit that provides a platform for foster care youth to tell their stories through film.

Ringo had a particular vision for the video. He allowed and encouraged the kids from KITS to be involved in the entire filmmaking process including appearing in the video.

It started with a Ringo-hosted Zoom meeting for a group discussion about the concept, sharing ideas and particular imagery to include with a focus on acceptance and how to fight the effects of global warming.

The finished product is truly inspiring to watch. Ringo shares the stage with kids, girls, boys and teenagers. You can see Ringo is enjoying every minute. The kids dance, sing, and perform in various roles including as Firefighters.

It’s a lot of fun to watch!

Here it is on youtube:

Until next month, Let’s Change The World!

~ ChaChi Loprete