You can listen to World Cafe each weeknight at 10pm. Here’s what’s in store this week:


Monday May 22nd – Encore: Say She She


Sabrina and Piya (like Mia) were living in separate Brooklyn apartments in the same building when they noticed they could hear singing coming through the floor and ceiling. After officially meeting at a party, the two vocalists brought their friend Nya (like Mya) into the mix and started Say She She. A nod to Nile Rodgers and Chic, Say She She blends disco, soul, psychedelic and R&B into an irresistible groove.


Tuesday May 23rd – Cat Ridgeway mini concert; Eddie 9V mini concert


One of the premiere singer-songwriter festivals in the US happens along the Emerald Coast in Northwestern Florida. It’s called the 30A Songwriters Festival. Over the next few weeks, we’ll take you there as we broadcast the 30A Sessions, courtesy of our friends at WMOT. This week, Orlando based singer and multi-instrumentalist Cat Ridgeway performs a mini concert, featuring songs from her latest album, “Nice to Meet You”. Join us, on the next World Cafe.


Wednesday May 24th – Encore: Sampa the Great


Born in Zambia and raised in Botswana, Sampa the Great became known for her music while completing university in Australia. On the next World Cafe, she talks about returning to Zambia after further success Down Under and shares how the return home changed how she wrote songs. Plus, she tells the story of how Angelique Kidjo ended up singing on her latest album.


Thursday May 25th – Arlo Parks


Arlo Parks won Britain’s most prestigious musical award, The Mercury Prize for her gorgeous and heartfelt debut, Collapsed in Sunbeams. Parks joins World Cafe to talk about challenging herself on highly anticipated follow up, My Soft Machine. She’ll share a live performance AND we’ll preview songs from the record the day before its release!


Friday May 26th – Graham Nash


Graham Nash has spent most of his career harmonizing with others, but says his latest album, NOW, is the most personal one he’s ever made. On the next World Cafe, Graham Nash performs live and talks about some of the friends he’s made along the way, like David Crosby and his former Hollies bandmate Allen Clarke, who appears on Now. Join us.