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TRACY CHAPMAN - 1985, Segment 2 of 3
Tracy Chapman

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In this second segment of WUMB's Tracy Chapman interview, Tracy talks about her earliest fascination with music, first influenced by her mother, and then in high school. She relates how she found her way to Boston, and her earliest writings.

We get to hear one of her signature songs that reveals her early determination and the approach to life that has taken her where she is today, and she gives us in vibrant detail her experiences playing in New England, from street performing to busking in the underground, in coffeehouses and in talent shows at Tufts University. It's a wide-ranging discussion that will captivate your attention.

If you haven't heard the first segment, you can listen to Part 1 here, and jump directly to the closing segment, Part Three here..

Our very deepest gratitude to several folks at NPR for their assistance in helping to obtain permission to allow access to this incredible piece of history, especially Rishi Hingoraney and Jessica Schreibstein. Also to WUMB staff members Pat Monteith, Grady Moates and Rob Landry. We especially thank Lee Phillips and most especially...Tracy Chapman for allowing us to share this precious recording with you.

This interview is for personal entertainment and education only and is not to be transferred or shared. The rights to all material included in this interview are held by Tracy Chapman and/or WUMB Radio/UMass Boston.

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