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Session Americana
Audio Archives: Live at WUMB
Session Americana
WUMB Studio
recorded on March 31, 2015

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Holly Williams visited with Albert O. in April 2013

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Jason Isbell
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Dear Campers,

I am excited to announce that as part of our SAMW 20th Anniversary celebration we are totally revamping the streaming online SAMW music channel on our WUMB to be able to include as much of your music as possible! We're very happy to provide this platform for members of the SAMW community to share their music with our entire online listenership. And you will be able to link directly to the Channel from both the SAMW Website and from the SAMW Facebook page.

Each artist may submit up to 10 songs in a given Channel year, which will be from June 15-Jun 14. Submissions are now open, and going forward will open each year on May 1. You can submit songs at any time during the year, but you must resubmit during the month of May in order to keep your songs on the Channel. There is no submission fee.

If you currently have songs on the SAMW Channel, you will need to resubmit them to the new channel. Please make sure that your songs conform to the submission guidelines:

  1. Submit CDs by postal mail or audio files by email.
  2. WAV is the best format for audio files, but mp3s will also be accepted.
  3. Include this information for each song: title, performer, composer, other musicians, publisher (if any).
  4. Mail CDs to 100 Morrissey Boulevard, Dorchester, MA 02125 ATTN: SAMW CHANNEL
  5. Email audio files to

We are accepting original songs, traditional songs and covers for the new Channel. There is a maximum length of 5 minutes per recording, and please remember that general rules of community standards apply to lyrics.

Anyone who has attended a SAMW week or weekend is eligible to submit to the channel. But in order to accommodate all of our alumni, EVERYONE performing on your recording must have attended either SAMW or WAMW.

The new channel will launch on June 15. Please allow 30 days for your songs to appear on the SAMW Channel. We look forward to receiving your recordings, and to sharing them online with the SAMW community, the entire WUMB membership, and folk music fans everywhere!

Patty Domeniconi

General Manager-WUMB Radio

Camp Director-SAMW/WAMW

Help pay for the costs of producing SAMW, and all of our streaming channels by Donating Now. Thanks!!
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