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Session Americana
Audio Archives: Live at WUMB
Session Americana
WUMB Studio
recorded on March 31, 2015

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A special hello to you as you travel in cyberspace and join this WUMB.ORG music channel. This internet channel is all about songs written by the WUMB Summer Acoustic Week (SAMW) students.

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For the last 15 years, WUMB has sponsored SAMW, a week long music camp featuring instruction by some of the finest players, songwriters and musicians from all over the country. SAMW has a strong songwriting base. You might expect that considering that songwriters like Bob Franke, Kate Campbell, Cliff Eberhardt, Michael Smith, Jack Williams, Mark Simos and Pete & Maura Kennedy have been instructors.

Students have been exposed to traditional music from folks like Lorraine Hammond, Alice Gerrard, Eddie Pennington, Ernie Hawkins, John Kirk & Trish Miller and Beverly Smith & Carl Jones.

The songs that you will hear on this internet channel are the students own work. The songwriting of 33 of the SAMW students are represented here, including: Roland Blair, Cece Borjeson, Duane D'Agnese, Kathy Danielson, Graham & Barbara Dean, Mike Delaney, Rick Demers, Beth DeSombre, Rick Drost, Rich Eilbert, Peg Espinola, Jane Fallon, Kevin Fandell, John Ferullo, Mel Green, Jim Howard, John MacLean, Betsi Mandrioli, Kirsten Manville, Mac McLanahan, Tracy O'Connell, Job Potter, Chip Quinn & Kinloch Nelson, Gerry Ryan, Daniel & Faith Senie, David Simmons, Alex Solomonoff, Craig Sonnenfeld, Bo Venear, Sandra Waddock, Carolyn Waters, Sierra West, Chuck Williams.

The songs have been written over a period of years, inspired by the natural surroundings of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. As a camper, SAMW affords the time, the experience and the advice of some of the best folk and acoustic players, both campers and instructors. If you want more information, visit our SAMW Web site or call me at 617-287-6901.

Many thanks for listening.

Dick Pleasants
Director, SAMW

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