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The Small Glories
Audio Archives: Live at WUMB
The Small Glories
WUMB Studio
recorded on June 3, 2016

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This week 2 lucky WUMB Members will win a copy of the CD "Paging Mr Proust" by The Jayhawks!

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"It's the start of a brand new adventure." sings Gary Louris on "Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces," the opening track on The Jayhawks' new album Paging Mr. Proust. The band itself is not brand new, having formed in Minneapolis in 1984, the album shows a commitment to adventure and forward motion which makes this collection of songs exciting and instantly memorable.

The album's title Paging Mr. Proust is a reference to Marcel Proust's novel In Search of Lost Time, and the lyrics often show a longing for a less chaotic and distracted experience than today's 24/7 information age. Proust isn't the only literary figure that shows up, as Robert Frost, David Foster Wallace and John Keats also appear, each one seemingly suggesting that we slow down a bit. Even the cover photo, a shot of the TWA terminal at New York"s Idlewild Airport (aka JFK) in the 1960s, suggests an exciting time that looked towards the future, but was still human.

The album rolls along with song after song of gorgeous vocals and strong, tight arrangements. The lyrics are efficient, saying a lot with a little, and Marc Perlman's melodic bass playing supports and propels the songs wonderfully.

Few bands have this kind of staying power, and the ones that do are usually content with a proven formula. The Jayhawks are still moving forward, trying to find the place that feels correct right now. This record is about finding and celebrating small moments, and at this moment we find the Jayhawks thirty years into their career and still making compelling and ever changing rock music.

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Paging Mr Proust
Track List

Side One
1. Quiet Corners and Empty Spaces
2. Lost the Summer
3. Lovers of the Sun
4. Petty Roses In Your Hair
5. Leaving the Monsters Behind
6. Isabel's Daughter

Side Two
7. Ace
8. The Devil Is In Her Eyes
9. Comeback Kids
10. The Dust of Long-Dead Stars
11. Lies in Black and White
12. I'll Be Your Key

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