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Alastair Moock
Audio Archives: Live at WUMB
Alastair Moock
recorded on May 3, 2019

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Greg Klyma along with Mark Whitaker and Ryan Fitzsimmons joined us in studio on January 23, 2014

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This week 1 lucky WUMB Members will win a copy of the CD Todd Snider "Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol.3"!

The winners will be announced on the morning of Friday June 28.
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Todd Snider is a born subversive. At his best, hes a droll, conversational lyricist with a keen eye for oddball details, and he can switch between ridiculous and affecting with a subtle edge so well honed it leaves you in tatters before you know what happened.

His lyrics are razor sharp, unsparing, hilarious, and surprisingly tender - so this bare-bones acoustic LP is a fine idea. Punchlines fly from the get-go (theres no Vol. 1 or 2), with humanity the usual butt of the jokes.

The most provocative moments are topical, when Snider takes scalpels to modern cultural cancers and musical histories both. But to be clear, Snider has heart, which is why his wit and erudition virtually never sounds smug, patronizing or overtly self-serving.


Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol.3
Track List

1. Working on a Song
2. Talking Reality Television Blues
3. Like a Force of Nature
4. Just Like Overnight
5. The Blues on Banjo
6. Framed
7. The Ghost of Johnny Cash
8. [Dedication]
9. Cowboy Jack Clements Waltz
10. [Explanation]
11. Watering Flowers in the Rain
12. A Timeless Response to Current Events

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