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Monica Rizzio
Audio Archives: Live at WUMB
Monica Rizzio
recorded on February 3, 2020

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signal coverage

The WUMB public radio network is currently comprised of eight radio stations:

  • WUMB is heard on 91.9 fm in greater Boston
  • WBPR is heard on 91.9 fm in greater Worcester
  • WFPB is heard on 91.9 fm in greater Falmouth, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket,
    Southeastern MA, and Eastern Rhode Island
  • WNEF is heard on 91.7 fm in greater Newburyport
  • WUMT is heard on 91.7 fm in Marshfield and Plymouth
  • WUMG is heard on 91.7 fm in Stow and Maynard
  • WUMZ is heard on 91.5 fm in Gloucester
  • WUMV is heard on 88.7 fm in Milford, NH

These are the "city-grade 60 dBu" coverage contours calculated by the FCC,
and available directly from the FCC website at:

Listeners can frequently receive station signals outside these contours,
but may also receive interference and noise in the "fringe areas"
outside the 60 dBu contours.

WUMB WBPR WFPB WNEF WUMG Radio | University of Massachusetts 100 Morrissey Boulevard Boston MA 02125-3393 Office: (617)287-6900 Studio: (800)573-2100 (617)287-6919 Fax: (617)287-6916 Email: | EEO Report